A list of ORWO photo materials

I shoot a lot of old, expired films. Many of their makes and types are widely known, but there are rolls I keep in my fridge for which data is no longer (easily) available. Browsing for each film before testing it I found myself browsing again in a few weeks to refresh my mind before shooting it. That’s how I started systemizing the information. Today I am posting here a list of ORWO materials, but the other makes will follow also.

Below information has been collected from ORWO old catalogues, books on photography from the ‘80s, internet forums and discussions. This list is not 100% complete, I will add more data as it comes to me.

For general purpose materials like NP – b&w negative panchromatic film, the index following is the sensitivity in DIN, e.g. NP-15, NP-20, NP-22. For technical materials, like FO or FU, the numbers in film designations indicate gamma value available for a given film (1 = soft, 5 = very hard) rather than sensitivity. F-type materials were available first as plates, then as sheet films from 9×12 cm to 29.7×42 cm, as well as 68 mm and 105 mm wide roll films. (source)

NC 19, 21Color negative film

AF Autoradiografy film
DC ORWOCOLOR Cine duplicate film
DD Direct duplicate film
DF 1 Reversible sheet film
DK 3, 5 Hard black and white orthochromatic film for
reproducing line drawings and text documents
DN Cine negative film for duplicates
DP Cine positive film for duplicates
FN 52 The new signature for FU 5
FO 1, 4, 5 Orthochromatic film for reproductions
FP 1 – 4 Panchromatic film for reproductions
FU 1 – 3, 5 Color blind (unsensibilized) film for reproductions
MA 8 Mikro Aufnahmefilm – Black and white pan technical film
for reproducing line drawings and text documents
NC 3 Color negative cine film
NI 750 Infra red black and white negative film
NK ORWOCOLOR Negativ Kunstlicht – color negative for tungsten light
NO 20 Sheet film, negative, orthochromatic
NO 22 Negative orthochromatic
NP 10 – 27 Negative Panchromatic – black and white panchromatic film
NP 2 – 7, 71 Cine negativ film, panchromatic
NT 18 Color Negativ Tageslicht – color negative film for day light
PC 5, 7, 9, 71 Color cine positive film
PF 1, 2, 11 Positiv Feinkornfilm –  small grain color blind film for
projection purposes
TF 6, 8 Kine Ton Negativ Film – cine ton film
TO 1 Topo sheet film
UD 1 ORWOCOLOR Umkehr Kopier Film – reversible color film
UK Umkehrfilm für Kunstlicht – color reversible film for tungsten light
UP 15 Black and white reversible film
UP 3, 11, 21, 31 – 51 Fernseh Umkehr Film – TV Reversible film
US 11 Reversible special film
UT Umkehrfilm für Tageslicht – color reversible film for daylight
UV 1, 2 Ultraviolet sheet film
UX 1 Umkehr kopier Film
VF 2 – 4 Vermessungs Film – surveylance film
ZP 1, 2 Astro sheet film, panchromatic
ZU 1, 2 Astro sheet film, unsensibilised

If you have data to share, please post a comment here.


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