Ten shots with Fomapan classic 100

Here is my experience (in the form of ten shots) with Fomapan Classic 100. This is a film manufactured by Foma Bohemia — a Czech company, established in 1921 and producing films, photographic papers and chemicals even today.

Here is a link to the page with technical details of Fomapan Classic 100 film.

Fomapan has a number of formats (and speeds), but the one that I played with is in 6.5×9 cm size, expired in 2007. I used Mamiya RB67 with film holder type J.

This is the leaflet from my pack of this film:

Fomapan Classic 100 leaflet

The following frames I shot during the winter months that linked like a stapler 2018 and 2019. 

Fomapan classic 100
Ropotamo river, near Arkutino reserve

Fomapan classic 100

Fomapan classic 100
Primorsko, MMC beach

The above frames I developed with xTol for 7 min. @ 20° Celsius. 

Fomapan classic 100
Entering the town of Ardino, Nov 2018

The pictures that follow are shot with orange and red gradient filters and developed with Kodak D76 for 7 minutes. 

Fomapan classic 100

Fomapan classic 100

Fomapan 100 is often described as a film with visible to high amount of grain — like, objectively visible grain, but subjectively high grain. To help you decide yourself I uploaded large files for most of the negatives.  

Fomapan classic 100

There are 50 sheets of film in my packs, so that equals 5 rolls of 120 rolls of film, shot as 6×7 cm.

As a summary:

  • panchromatic, black and white negative film with acceptable level of grain;
  • very good contrast, especially in sunny days;
  • this film will not drain your budget.

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