Mistakes in developing color reversal films (with ORWO C-9165 process)

Few years ago, after a quick encounter with black and white development processes, trying not to be one-trick pony and without proper preparation I jumped to color reversal process ORWO C-9165. This is an old, pre-E-6 process applicable to many color reversal films, but mainly intended for ORWO UT (Umkehrfilm für Tageslicht) and … Read the rest “Mistakes in developing color reversal films (with ORWO C-9165 process)”

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AGFA Process 41

Let me talk a bit for Agfa Process 41. There will be pictures, too.

In the heaven of slide films, on the stairway to E-6 one of the last steps was this very process. It was in a firm use in the ’70s before Agfa introduced Agfachrome 200 film in about 1981 and, logically, Agfa … Read the rest “AGFA Process 41”