This is the old ORWO PF-2 film — positive, fine-korn motion picture film. In the past it’s been used for producing black and white positives for cinematography by contact printing. Surprisingly to me, a new versions of it is still in distribution by the good lads of ORWO North America.  Here is a specs pageRead the rest


Testing ORWO MA-8

This is ORWO Mikro-Aufnahmefilm (MA) 8. In the past century people used it to archive records, blueprints, letters, technical papers, etc. In other words, documents. This film has the ability to capture and store limited amount of gray shades but will never forget your labyrinth signature on a wedding certificate.

In the leaflet I found … Read the rest


AGFA Aviphot Dia C glass plates

Let me share with you my experience with Agfa Aviphot Dia C. Found few boxes of 19?19 cm glass plates and very little information about it on internet.

A member of answered my general question about this material like that:

“Yes, I did a few enlarged slides with it, maybe 25-30 years ago. Treated Read the rest