Testing AGFA Gevatone N33P cut sheet film

Here is my experience with AGFA Gevatone N33p cut sheet film. Having found scarce information and even less examples with it on internet, I opened the box to discover its leaflet. It is described as continuous-tone film with a high gradation. 

Internet search told me that this material has been used to store information where … Read the rest

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Ten shots with Agfa APX 100

“This universal film combines excellent image quality with speed for universal application. It is suitable for a very wide photographic spectrum, including, for example, portrait, landscape as well as abstract photography. Push processing makes its use up to ISO 200/24° possible.”

The above is a marketing description of APX 100 in their 2004 AGFA product Read the rest

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Film review: AGFA Chrome RSX 100

Let me share with you my experience with AGFA Chrome RSX 100 color slide film. This is an E-6 film produced between 1995 and 1998. At the dusk of the sustainable film production R&D must have been advanced since in 1999 this film has been replaced by an improved version, AGFA Chrome RSX II 100.… Read the rest


AGFA Scientia EM film

In the past, AGFA Scientia EM has been used to capture microscope images. It has been in production in a number of formats — cut sheet, glass plates, etc. The canister I got is in 35mm size, unperforated.

If you look it up on the internet, you will find mostly scientific research papers that mention … Read the rest


AGFA Aviphot Dia C glass plates

Let me share with you my experience with Agfa Aviphot Dia C. Found few boxes of 19?19 cm glass plates and very little information about it on internet.

A member of answered my general question about this material like that:

“Yes, I did a few enlarged slides with it, maybe 25-30 years ago. Treated Read the rest


AGFA Gevapan 30

Let’s talk a bit about AGFA Gevapan 30 film. He died in the 60s.

Found a bulk of it in a 35mm from an old professor in the technical university nearby, who was giving it out at the price of a duner. Can’t blame the duner here.

Agfa-Gevaert disappeared long time ago only to give … Read the rest


Found this document once I was browsing for technical data for long ago expired photo materials. You will find data for materials like sheet, roll and 35mm films manufactured by Ferrania, Agfa, Ilford, Kodak, etc.

Weston RatingsRead the rest