Svema LN-9 // Свема ЛН-9

I think you may need to see some photos to convince you that Svema LN-9 shall have a filter named after it on Instagram.

LN stands for Lampa Nakalivania (Лампа Накаливания), or tungsten light.

According to my old photo handbook, this Svema had originally sensitivity of GOST 100 (around ISO 100). Went on my balcony … Read the rest

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Testing Svema DS-5M // Свема ДС-5М

Svema (СВЕточувствительные МАтериалы, or Light-sensitive materials) first saw the light in this world in 1928 and by 1931 was already a company (by the Russian standards). Its portfolio included many types and formats of films, proudly used to keep cameras rolling in productions like the epic War and peace, heart-breaking The Courier or Queen Read the rest