Testing ORWO MA-8

This is ORWO Mikro-Aufnahmefilm (MA) 8. In the past century people used it to archive records, blueprints, letters, technical papers, etc. In other words, documents. This film has the ability to capture and store limited amount of gray shades but will never forget your labyrinth signature on a wedding certificate.

In the leaflet I found … Read the rest


Svema LN-9 // Свема ЛН-9

I think you may need to see some photos to convince you that Svema LN-9 shall have a filter named after it on Instagram.

LN stands for Lampa Nakalivania (Лампа Накаливания), or tungsten light.

According to my old photo handbook, this Svema had originally sensitivity of GOST 100 (around ISO 100). Went on my balcony … Read the rest


AGFA Scientia EM film

In the past, AGFA Scientia EM has been used to capture microscope images. It has been in production in a number of formats — cut sheet, glass plates, etc. The canister I got is in 35mm size, unperforated.

If you look it up on the internet, you will find mostly scientific research papers that mention … Read the rest


Kodak motion picture film 5247

Now I may be tempted to talk about Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back to the Future and The Shining. What they don’t have in common is the costumes. What they really have in common is that Harrison Ford took a part in two of these and hadn’t in the other two. All … Read the rest


AGFA Aviphot Dia C glass plates

Let me share with you my experience with Agfa Aviphot Dia C. Found few boxes of 19?19 cm glass plates and very little information about it on internet.

A member of answered my general question about this material like that:

“Yes, I did a few enlarged slides with it, maybe 25-30 years ago. Treated Read the rest

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Testing Svema DS-5M // Свема ДС-5М

Svema (СВЕточувствительные МАтериалы, or Light-sensitive materials) first saw the light in this world in 1928 and by 1931 was already a company (by the Russian standards). Its portfolio included many types and formats of films, proudly used to keep cameras rolling in productions like the epic War and peace, heart-breaking The Courier or Queen Read the rest

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ORWO Color NC-19

30 years back, in the ’80s, ORWO Color NC-19 was the affordable way to capture moments of your cat’s charming existence, summer vacation casual diversions or backyard la vida loca BBQs.

Never had it in my ammunition list ’til recently, when The Destiny threw me a bag full of 120 rolls of it, no message … Read the rest


Testing ORWO TF-8

Hey, listen — for the record, this is ORWO TF-8. They used it in the past to picture sound.

Got a canister of it and started looking for any technical info. That’s where I hit the internet wall of “9 results found”. As I learnt in a similar case — for such old materials you … Read the rest


AGFA Gevapan 30

Let’s talk a bit about AGFA Gevapan 30 film. He died in the 60s.

Found a bulk of it in a 35mm from an old professor in the technical university nearby, who was giving it out at the price of a duner. Can’t blame the duner here.

Agfa-Gevaert disappeared long time ago only to give … Read the rest


A list of ORWO photo materials

I shoot a lot of old, expired films. Many of their makes and types are widely known, but there are rolls I keep in my fridge for which data is no longer (easily) available. Browsing for each film before testing it I found myself browsing again in a few weeks to refresh my mind before … Read the rest