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Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400

Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400 220 roll film was intended for general and professional usage. One of its favorites application was by wedding and portrait professional photographers because of its natural skin tones rendition and good color reproduction.

In January 2006, the company announced that they will cease film production in March, 2007. My rolls have expiration dates in 2007, so I concluded they are from the very last batches.

As one of the last types of film produced, Centuria Pro 400 enjoyed the latest for its time applied science — multi-coated and ultra-constant crystal structures and advanced couplers to simulate natural colors.

Technical aspects

  • ISO 400 for daylight;
  • process C-41;
  • marketed in 135, 120 and 220 formats.

PRO means that you may store exposed and unprocessed film without worrying about the quality of the image for a longer time than the amateur photo materials.

Konica Minolta Centuria Pro pack

Other versions of Centuria line of films were available during the years before 2006: Centuria 100, 200, 400, 800 ISO, Centuria Super 1600, etc.

I have several pro packs of 5 rolls 220 film from Centuria Pro 400. And let me show you my results.

Shot with Pentacon Six and Biometar 80 / 2.8.

Though people used this film for its good portrait features, I shot it mainly for landscapes and casual photo projects.

Mamiya RB 67 Pro S and Mamiya Secor-C 180/4.5.

Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400

Various sources describe Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400 as film with a fine grain, but I found it to be fairly visible. All of the images here I shot as ISO 320 and 400. And no post processing to enhance color or even adjust levels.

Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400

Most of the pictures I captured close to the golden hour, if you ask for an explanation about the colors delivered.

Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400

Pentacon Six and Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 50mm, f=4 lens. Pictures of the rocky coast close to Varvara village, Bourgas region.

My conclusion about Konica Minolta Centuria Pro 400

  • very nice tones, as I like slide shifts from realism;
  • acceptable grain;
  • excellent durability of the material, having it expired 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find this film nowadays.









  1. Hey!

    Drop me a line if you want to sell/trade any of the Kodak Centuria 400 in 220 size, I have loads of Fujifilm Velvia 50, Astia 100F and Provia 400X in 120 and 220 sizes to trade…

    1. Vesselin (admin) Author

      Hello Johan–

      Will check what remained in my fridge — I was shooting some of it last few weeks. Will revert to you via e-mail.



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