Films waiting for you

The desire for a good picture cannot be stopped by trivial things like bad weather, distance, foreign borders or unknown locations. It shall not be dependent on film availability, too. So I decided to give you several opportunities to visit spots that I love and take a picture on old photo film. Here is how.

During last few months I left few rolls of film in places I love to visit often. I started with some beaches, as the season was supposing this. But further places will be added to this treasure hunt, as I travel. Mars is also in the itinerary.

Films that I left are well packed in plastic stretch. They are burred in a depth of about 15 – 20 cm in the ground, so you shall not need (very) special equipment to recover them. 

What I am asking is shoot as much as you like on the spot. Later when you develop and scan/print the results do send me an email and some examples of your shots. I will upload them here, or put a link to your social media profile where you post them. 

Find them, love them, shoot’em.

All films left are color negatives in 135 format for your convenience, so it shall be no problem to develop them in your local lab. 

Also, please do not forget to let me know when you recover any of the rolls, so I may put a note here that this exact roll is found. Although these places deserve a visit. We all agree that Mars may be an exception.

Here are the coordinates for the adventure, plus some pictures from the time the films were left there.

Good luck, you Jack Sparrows!

Film #1

Location: Arkutino beach, Primorsko municipality
Coordinates: 42°19’51.491”N 27°44’2.06”E
Notes: you shall climb on the dunes and find the cement geodesic point
Pictures from the location:





Film #2

Location: Perla beach, the small beach north of the residence building
Coordinates: 42°17’23.43″N 27°45’38.36″E
Notes: as the area just behind the small beach is private and secured, easiest access is from the main beach
Pictures from the location:





Film #3

Location: Arkutino, the small beach north of the seashore protection structure
Coordinates: 42°20’14.77″N 27°43’45.87″E
Notes: large gate to the beach may be locked during the winter and the beach may be accessible only by foot, but it is just 10 minutes walk from the main parking.
Pictures from the location: