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Film review: AGFA Chrome RSX 100

Let me share with you my experience with AGFA Chrome RSX 100 color slide film. This is an E-6 film produced between 1995 and 1998. At the dusk of the sustainable film production R&D must have been advanced since in 1999 this film has been replaced by an improved version, AGFA Chrome RSX II 100.

This film had versions as ISO 50, 100 and 200, both 135 and 120 format. For ISO 100 cut sheet film was available. Used from fashion and glamour sessions, landscape and water scenes to casual vacationeers, this film rewarded with fine grain, vivid, vibrant colors, without draining the budget.

This is an AP-44/E-6 film. However, I developed these two rolls in AGFA Process 41 (I wrote about this process here).

My examples were shot and developed in 2017. Rolls have expired in 1997-99.

Let’s check the results.

I exposed these as ISO 100 and developed with AGFA Process 41, FD: 15 min. at 24 °C.

The lads from Lomography said 8 years ago that this film shall still be available in its ISO 200 version, though re-branded.





I used Pentacon Six with Biometar 80. My x-processing in Agfa Process 41 might have mixed and shifted the colors. So this could have happened also due to the time these rolls spent expecting our meeting.

Here is another detailed review of this film’s II version.

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