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Kodak Ektrachrome 160T

Developed somewhere in the ’40s, Kodak Ektachrome had many versions and formats during the years, until Kodak discontinued it in about 2007. Ektachrome and processes E-1 through E-6 were meant to simplify film developing and make it more amateur-friendly, while keep colors vivid and rich. Wikipedia told me that this film has been extensively used … Read the rest

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Ten shots with Agfa APX 100

“This universal film combines excellent image quality with speed for universal application. It is suitable for a very wide photographic spectrum, including, for example, portrait, landscape as well as abstract photography. Push processing makes its use up to ISO 200/24° possible.”

The above is a marketing description of APX 100 in their 2004 AGFA product Read the rest

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Film test: Foma Repro N52

Foma Repro N52 is a photographic material, designed for technical purposes — to reproduce lines, blueprints, drawings, etc. Accordingly, this film is expected to produce high contrast images. Image contrast, however, may be controlled by the mode of development. For this type of materials there are special repro developers that increase contrast and drown gray … Read the rest

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ORWO Chrom UT-21

“There’s no sense to develop ORWO Chrom UT-21 in its original process nowadays.”
—Person who’s about to be proven extremely wrong.

Here is a throwback to the ’80s, when this film was in steady production from ORWO to satisfy color aesthetic needs of those who had no access to Kodachrome (wink-wink). Manufactured in German Democratic … Read the rest

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ORWO NP-22 6.5×9 cm cut sheet film

Here is my experience with black and white negative film ORWO NP-22. In production from 1965, this film was available in many formats — 135, 120, 127, 620, cut sheet film… The stash I have is in 6.5×9 cm cut sheet in boxes of 25 films expired in 1991.

NP stands for Negativfilm PRead the rest


Silver extraction from exhausted film fixer

Here are my 20 Argentine pesos on silver extraction from film fixer.

As you already know, a big variety of light sensitive emulsions contain silver salts that form the image through development and fixing procedures. When you create black and white photographic image (just one to mention), a part of the silver halides remains on … Read the rest

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Film review: AGFA Chrome RSX 100

Let me share with you my experience with AGFA Chrome RSX 100 color slide film. This is an E-6 film produced between 1995 and 1998. At the dusk of the sustainable film production R&D must have been advanced since in 1999 this film has been replaced by an improved version, AGFA Chrome RSX II 100.… Read the rest