AGFA Scientia EM film

In the past, AGFA Scientia EM has been used to capture microscope images. It has been in production in a number of formats — cut sheet, glass plates, etc. The canister I got is in 35mm size, unperforated.

If you look it up on the internet, you will find mostly scientific research papers that mention this film like that “…results were recorded on electron micrographs taken on Agfa Scientia 23D56 film.” But that was just enough to attentionize my curiosity.

A brief mention of this film is made by Maco Photo Products in a document published by Sopockie Szkoly Fotografii here. Though this technical paper discusses another film, it was a good starting point. I am not saying I understood all about different energy of electrons and photons.

Had a bracketing test to confirm its sensitivity around ISO 25:

AGFA Scientia EM
AGFA Scientia EM film @ ISO 25, developed with ORWO A-03, 10 min. @ 20°. Click for a larger version.

The format of the picture is strange, but that’s what you get when shooting 35mm film in 6×6 camera. This film has no perforation and I had to handmake a small device to help Pentacon Six accommodate and impregnate it.

ORWO A-03 b&w developer might not be the best option. Later on I developed it with Kodak D-76, 1+0, 6 min. @ 20°. The results are below.

AGFA Scientia EM
AGFA Scientia EM @ ISO 25, Kodak D-76
This may not be my most favorite emulsion, but I love it for its ultra fine grain, excellent mid tones and details and the fact that it goes well with many developers.

These are just some random shots from my balcony:

AGFA Scientia EM

AGFA Scientia EM

AGFA Scientia EM

AGFA Scientia EM

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